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£120,000 Profit In First 7 Months

I had a successful highly paid job as an Oil Rig Engineer but wasn’t getting enough quality of life. I stand to profit £120,000 in my first 7 months using Creative Property Strategies in Wales! Reena is the Real Deal!


£140,000 Profit From Just 1 Deal!

I lost my arm in a devastating motorcycle accident and had to quit my building business. Reena helped me to restore my lost income and rebuild my life. I have completed 7 deals with many more in the pipeline!


£200k equity & £20k/year cashflow from 1 deal!

We weren’t doing any deals before joining Reena’s mentorship program but now we’ve done 6 deals in 6 months for a total profit of £500k! Experience is so important and Reena has that in abundance, she is a fantastic mentor.


£436 cashflow and 29 year term London Deal!

I secured an Instalment Contract/Delayed Completion (EDC) Deal from a seller on the verge of repossession near Muswell Hill, London within 2 weeks of joining Reena’s mentorship! Couldn’t have done it without Reena!


£3K upfront & £30k Backend on my 1st deal!

We completed on our 1st deal on a Sandwich Option. Reena has held our hand every step of the way and invested great time and effort into seeing us succeed, there isn’t another mentor like her! Many more deals to come!


Dream Home and £3k/month cashflow!

I secured a dream home for my family and make £3,000/month in the process. After my relationship broke down with the seller, Reena stepped in as my mentor to make sure the deal went through! Thanks Reena for rescuing my deal!


Portfolio with £5k/month cash flow!

I was able to secure a property portfolio from a retired landlord with Reena’s help and support to profit £5,000/month! If it wasn’t for Reena and her creative techniques I would have walked away from this opportunity!


£10k Upfront in my 1st deal!

Imade £10,000 upfront from a London lead I originally thought I couldn’t make any money from. This was until Reena showed me how to structure the deal as an assisted sale to create a genuine WIN:WIN:WIN!


£10k upfront and £432pcm in my 1st deal!

Completed a Sandwich deal using Instalment Contracts to Profit £37k! I couldn’t believe the media attention I received, appearing in several national newspapers! Reena is the missing link between theory and practical!