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I really hope you enjoyed watching the video and finding out a little more about me.

I created this video because I believe it to be very important that you understand who I am, where I’ve come from, and why I’m the right person to help you succeed in the property business.

There are a lot of so-called ‘mentors’ out there who are very good at talking the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk, it’s a whole different story altogether!

So if you’d like to know a little more about me, and more importantly, find out why I’m the right choice to help you, then read on…

Now, if you think it was easy for me to start profiting from property, then think again!

When I moved to England with my parents, I was forced to leave my whole life behind in India. I was thrust into a completely new culture, with broken English and little education, and as a result, I found it very difficult to land a job.

However, after attending numerous evening classes and largely educating myself, I managed to land some temporary employment, which allowed me to gain experience of the job market.

After a series of temporary jobs, I was able to secure a job with a well established IT Outsourcing company, where I worked for 14 years, eventually working my way up to a high-powered IT Consultancy role.

My journey into the property world started when I made the simple but ultimately life-changing decision to rent out the flat I was living in, in order to move into a larger property.

I quickly saw the benefits of using the rental income to help me afford somewhere bigger and better, so I began to repeat the process to build a small UK portfolio.

This was the first point at which I seriously considered the benefits of property investment, but at this point in my life, the time wasn’t quite right…

My job was taking up an incredible amount of my time, and we’d also started a family. I now had 2 beautiful children to look after, so the regular income from my job was hugely important.

But although I was getting very well-paid at this point and rising higher and higher within the company, I soon discovered that the “rat-race” wasn’t for me!

I was working longer and longer hours, constantly on the road, and unable to enjoy any quality of life.

I was overworked, stressed-out to the max, with absolutely no freedom, and no time to actually live my life.

Eventually, my marriage broke down due to the stresses and strains, which subsequently led to divorce and a bitter custody battle where I was temporarily separated from my children.

After this, I had to juggle the ever-increasing demands of my job with the difficult task of raising 2 children as a single mother.

It was a very difficult time for me, and as time went on, my “job” felt less and less important.

The pressure… the deadlines… the office politics… the long hours… the non-stop stress… this wasn’t what I wanted out of life!

So I once again looked into the idea of property investment as an alternative to the 9-5 grind…

In 2005, I decided to look abroad for better yields, and my search led me to New York, where my Property Manager introduced me to creative strategies such as BMV, Lease Options, Instalment Contracts/Exchange with Delayed Completion (EDC), Subject To’s, Rent 2 Own, and I began to build up a portfolio there too.

And it was very fortunate that I’d taken these steps, because in 2009 I was made redundant due to the credit crunch.

However, it was almost a blessing in disguise, because it led me to reconsider where I was going with my life, and what was important to me.

I decided that I didn’t want to get sucked back into the rat-race, where I’d have no freedom, and no time to spend with my two children, or do any of the things that actually made me happy.

I’d long ago realised that property offered the perfect vehicle in which to escape, where I could live a life of freedom, become my own boss, and give my children the kind of lifestyle that I never had.

So I started to look into it A LOT more seriously…

Despite the recession, I began to invest in property on a full-time basis, but due to the credit crunch, lending had become much more difficult.

And this is where I began to see the enormous value of the creative property strategies that I’d been using in the US, where I would control the properties, rather than buy them, without being required to have a mortgage in my own name.

Along with the Tenant Buyer strategy (which gave me increased cash flow, reliable tenants and a clear exit strategy), Lease Options and Instalment Contracts (EDC) became my main strategies, and ensured not only my survival during the credit crunch, but huge monthly profits, and ultimately a 6-figure annual income.

My decision to take up property investing on a full-time basis had been, without doubt, the best decision of my entire life!

In traditional price-led negotiations, where sellers want the price high and buyers want the price low, nobody wins except for the agents, banks and solicitors.

However, the strategies that I’ve discovered and developed over the past few years take the focus off the price and put it on the flexible and convenient payment terms.

The discovery of creative strategies like Lease Options, Instalment Contracts (EDC) and Rent 2 Own empowered me to solve people’s property problems by providing creative and flexible solutions where the buyer and the seller both get what they want…

And by default, I was able to get what I wanted to – a big monthly cash-rich investment portfolio, a completely passive income, and the lifestyle that I’ve always dreamed of!

And all of it was created ethically via win-win-win scenarios.

And yes, YOU can do this too!

From the very beginning, I have always believed in quality rather than quantity, and my focus has always been on maximising cash flow rather than the number of properties I own. Too many people get hung up on “how many” properties they have, instead of “how much” cash flow they generate.

I have a modest portfolio across the UK and USA, achieved without releasing equity from any of my properties, which proves that you don’t have to chase a deal a week to achieve financial freedom.

I also like to take a practical and humanistic approach when putting together creative deals in order to generate a win-win-win situation for all parties involved, an approach that sets me apart from the masses.

For me, it’s a no brainer.

I invest in people with property problems and find them a win-win solution.

Because if you concentrate on quality rather than quantity, and more importantly, on helping people, the money will come.

And due to my sensible approach to investment and cash flow, and my ability to spot a “golden egg”, I now find myself in a position where I can take as many holidays as I like, as often as I like, while I’m able to “work” when I want to, and enjoy a level of freedom that most people can only dream of.

I’ve been described as one of the industry’s ‘Best Kept Secrets’ as well as the ‘Queen Of Options’, which both stem from my dramatic success with lease options, as well as other creative strategies such as instalment contracts/EDCs (Exchange with Delayed Completion), tenant buyer, assisted sales, BMVs, stopping repossessions, Some now-Some later, rent-2-rent, multi let/HMOs, sandwich options, joint ventures, and many more besides!

Since launching myself into the world of creative property strategies, I’ve built a multi-million pound cash-flowing portfolio in both the USA and the UK, and have bought, sold and structured over 300 creative deals in the last 7 years.

As a result, I’m regularly invited to speak at seminars and workshops across the Country, while I’ve also been interviewed several times on Sky TV as a guest speaker, as well as being featured in Property Investment News magazine and a number of other media publications.

As a result of my incredible success with creative strategies, I’ve been lucky enough to mentor 100’s of investors – both novice and experienced – as a UK mentor for Rick Otton’s mentorship programme on how to buy residential and commercial properties to achieve financial freedom!

And as a mentor myself, my techniques are empowering new and seasoned investors alike to quit their day jobs and enjoy a completely passive income stream via lease options, instalment contracts (EDC) and other creative deals with no mortgage, no deposit, no credit rating, and absolutely no experience required!
Reena Malra - Queen of Options
Creative Property Investor, Mentor and Speaker.
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