Property Profits Breakthrough 
Property Profits Breakthrough
If You're Looking to Start Making Money From Property, Or You'd Like to Take Your Existing Property Business to the Next Level, You're in EXACTLY the Right Place!
Taught Exclusively By Reena Malra 
This is NOT a multi-speaker sales marathon...Just solid, real life, practical content that you can go out and apply the next day!
Discover How to Thrive in a BOOM or GLOOM market!
Date 1: Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th February 2018
Location: Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel
Date 2: Saturday 12th - Sunday 13th May 2018
Location: Renaissance London Heathrow Hotel
Property Profits Breakthrough - The Course
Make the next 12 months Your Breakthrough Year By Attending The Most Comprehensive Property Master Class Available Anywhere in the UK, Hosted By The Queen Of Options Herself, Reena Malra!

This is your chance to discover the 5 creative strategies that are currently making many of my students thousands of pounds a month from UK property, regardless of market conditions and WITHOUT the need for a mortgage, deposit, good credit, or any experience whatsoever!

Discover How to Build A Substantial Monthly Income Using My 7-Step Control & Conquer Property Formula!
Dear Entrepreneur,

Reena Malra here…

Do you like the idea of making a fast and sizeable income from property with LESS of the hassle, expense and stress that traditionally goes with it?

Have you looked into property investments before, only to find constant roadblocks, like mortgages, deposits, endless fees or credit checks?

Do you have some experience with creative strategies, but are confused about which strategy to use, how to monetize your leads or how to correctly structure deals?

And finally…

Would you like to be able to earn substantial amounts of money from each property deal you do, allowing you to bank significant profits each and every month?

Well if you said “YES!” to any of those questions then I urge you to keep reading

Because the strategies that I’m about to teach you are currently turning the property world upside down and inside out, and transforming the lives (and the lifestyles) of hundreds and thousands of property entrepreneurs right across the UK…

And they could do exactly the same for you too!

Oh, and don’t forget, not only will you be able to start earning money very quickly with these strategies, allowing you to quickly generate a substantial monthly passive income stream from UK property…

But incredibly, you’ll be able to do it…

WITHOUT the need for a mortgage*

WITHOUT having to stump up any kind of deposit*

WITHOUT any help from your bank (or even a credit check!)*

WITHOUT having to pay arrangement fees, valuation fees or stamp duty*

WITHOUT having to release any equity from other properties, and…*

WITHOUT any experience, whatsoever!*

[*Circumstances of each deal may vary]

That’s right, you don’t need any experience of property in order to start doing this.

And that’s because during this comprehensive property masterclass, I’m going to teach a select group of lucky entrepreneurs not 1 creative strategy, or 2, or 3 for that matter…

Nope. I’m going to teach you the 5 MOST POWERFUL CREATIVE STRATEGIES that I’ve used to go from redundancy to complete financial independence – and exactly how you can use them to replicate my success!

In fact, during this hugely anticipated property master class, I’m going to show you…

Why NOW is the perfect time to build a property portfolio!

How each and every property deal you do can bank you substantial amounts of money!
Exactly where to go to find red-hot, insanely profitable deals, whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned investor!

How to structure your deals properly for maximum returns, WITHOUT risking any of your own cash!
How you can enjoy something that very few people ever get to experience in their entire lives – complete financial independence!

How to build a business that will enable you to replace your income and quit your job, just by controlling and trading property!

If you’ve ever wanted to build a property empire and make a passive monthly income month after month, then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

So stop THINKING about changing your life for the better, and start DOING it!

Grab your ticket to Property Profits Breakthrough today…

If you have any questions, please email me at or call directly on 0203 397 7030.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Reena Malra - Queen of Options

P.S. Remember, the 5 creative strategies I teach are a proven way of making a substantial passive monthly income, allowing you to enjoy more freedom, and for the first time ever, live life on your terms!

P.P.S. Please bear in mind that there are LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE for the LIVE Master Class and those spots are filling up fast. If you are serious about enjoying a passive income stream for the rest of your life, then I urge you to reserve your seat now, before they all get filled!

P.P.P.S. Also, don’t forget that when you reserve your seat, you are fully protected by my 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee. So if you’re not completely blown away by the training you receive, or you simply change your mind for any reason at all, then you can request a full refund right up until the end of the first day, and I will return every penny of your investment with no questions asked.

You risk absolutely NOTHING by booking your seat today!
So what exactly will you discover during this LIVE masterclass?
COMPONENT #1: Adopting the Millionaire Mindset
- The mindset you need to adopt that will transform your view of the world and yourself, and allow you to become FINANCIALLY FREE!

- Why your current mindset may well be holding you back and preventing you from achieving the lifestyle you deserve…
- The importance of Goal Setting, and why failing to do this simple task is the quickest route to failure…

- The concept of “Wealth Magnetics” (the biggest success secret of the mega-rich) and why understanding this will open the door to massive property profits!)
And much, much more!

COMPONENT #2: Marketing & Lead Generation
- REVEALED! My top 3 (best performing) marketing techniques. (When you know what these are, you’ll be able to source highly profitable leads right from the get-go!)
118 more ways to market yourself and generate buyer and seller leads, giving you an unlimited supply of properties to target and sky-high profit-potential!

- The exact scripts and wordings that I use to sweet-talk buyers and sellers and generate leads! (These high performing scripts will have your phone ringing off the hook, even if you’re a complete novice)…

- How to find PROPERTY GOLDMINES in your area that will provide you with a residual monthly income for years to come!
My top-secret techniques for securing bumper deals from estate agents, brokers, solicitors, asset management companies, CAB, and many other little known sources…
And much, much more!

COMPONENT #3: Qualifying Your Leads
- How to replicate the exact step-by-step system I use for capturing and qualifying hugely profitable leads…

- The exact qualifying questions you need to ask to PRE-SCREEN sellers and buyers over the phone. (This will allow you to save huge amounts of time and effort by not having to attend physical meetings with non-motivated sellers and buyers!)

- My #1 trade secret for securing hassle-free tenants who will look after your property for you, because it’s in their financial interest. (This is the reason why I NEVER have to put up with annoying, problem tenants – and when you know this, neither will you!)
And much, much more!

COMPONENT #4: Negotiating the Best Deal
- My most powerful negotiation techniques, speech patterns, and rapport building secrets that you can use to convince any seller to say “YES!”

- LIVE ROLE PLAYS where I show you face-to-face exactly how to speak to sellers, buyers and banks, and negotiate the best possible deals…

- 5 quick and simple techniques for diffusing seller objections and getting them on YOUR side in an instant!

- The MAGIC WORDING that you absolutely must use when talking to vendors that will make a deal 90% more likely!

- My #1 negotiation tip for selling properties WITHOUT ever having to drop the price! (This one secret could be worth many thousands of pounds to you, and yet hardly anyone knows about it!)…
And much, much more!

COMPONENT #5: Structuring Deals for Maximum Returns
- My 5 Creative Strategies Revealed! I will walk you through my 5 massively profitable creative strategies, step-by-step show you which strategy to use with each type of deal.

- These strategies include Lease Options, Instalment Contracts, EDCs (Exchange with Delayed Completion), Rent-2-Rent, Rent-to-Buy and Option to Auction, as well as 4 other TOP-SECRET and little-known strategies that I’ll revealing at the event!

- My 5-in-1 Exit Strategy Sessions will guarantee that you’ll have the tools, knowledge and resources to structure ANY deal, allowing you to maximise returns and minimise risk. Other so-called “creative strategy experts” only know one or perhaps two strategies at most, so their students miss out on lots of incredible deals and huge amounts of money. That won’t be the case with you!).

- How to source, qualify and close each and every lead so that you’re NEVER leaving money on the table…

- The very best ways to structure each and every deal to create a WIN/WIN situation for all involved…

- How to maximize your cashflow per property, per month, FAST! (Imagine how much money will be flowing in when you’ve got just a handful of properties under your belt!)

- How to convert tenant buyers into HOMEOWNERS.
Tried, tested and PROVEN strategies that will enable you to get rid of your “lemons” fast, and still make sizeable profits. (Note: A lemon is a negative equity or negative cash flow property!)…

- How to CONTROL a property and make substantial monthly profits without even owning it – just like many of the world’s richest investors…

And much, much more!

COMPONENT #6: Solicitors & Contracts
- PROVEN steps that will help you find the right solicitor for the seller, buyer and yourself (the investor)…

- 6 key pieces of information your solicitor MUST KNOW in order to produce a contract, make it water-tight and help you bank long-term profits!

- My top tips to make absolutely 100% sure that your deal goes through with minimal hassle, stress or complications…

- How to minimise your risk when creating contracts, and maximise your gains!

- My personal list of DO’S & DON’TS when dealing with solicitors to make sure you complete your deal successfully…

And much, much more!

COMPONENT #7: Banking the Profits!
- How to make a substantial passive monthly income! (Many of my mentees have banked £10,000+ profits in a matter of WEEKS, and on their very first deal!) *Individual results may vary

- How to get paid THREE TIMES on every deal you do (I’ll show you how to structure a deal so you get a chunk of money up-front, then get to enjoy the stability of cash flow month after month, as well as landing a big payday on the back-end too!)…

- How to secure below market value rates on every property you buy, and achieve top-dollar for every property you sell (this technique is so easy to follow, but hardly anyone knows about it, let alone uses it!)…

- How to turn negative cash flow properties into positive cash flow money-makers!

- Why knowing how to do all this could set you up for a life of complete financial independence, where you’ll NEVER have to work for anyone else ever again!

And much, much more!
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